The Keys to Success

  1. Google it!


Before getting into IT I recall talking to a very high paid IT Salesforce developer and I asked her how did you learn to develop in APEX? Then she said something that would stick with me for years to come,  “I Googled it”! Today knowing how to find information and apply that information is an extremely important skill set. Do you remember 15 years ago back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when you memorized all of your friends and families phone numbers? Today people don’t memorize phone numbers like they used to but you have to know how to use a phone and find the persons name. It’s the same with IT you have to know how to configure your environment and understand the benefits of microservice architecture but you don’t have to know the details because you can google it.


2. Be a go-getter!


I’ve worked with people from all over the world and the biggest differentiator I see between people it drive. Most people put forth the minimum required effort when it just takes a slight change in perspective, attitude, and effort to make a big difference in any position. Also, do forget about persistence in being a go-getter! Patience and persistence in your effort pay off to stay in the game and don’t let yourself be discouraged.


3. Attitude = Altitude


I personally like being a jokester and I always have something I’m laughing about. The point is people like happy people and our attitudes equal our altitudes as Zig Ziglar would say so no matter what someone does to offend you or hurt you, don’t hold your self-prisoner in your mind because of what someone else chose to do. So with that said, be fun and do things that are silly and do things to make yourself laugh and be encouraged by looking to God, and all the great people and things in your life.

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